Tina - piano teacher

Tina has studied piano for 20 years, taught by Shen Peiyao president of Suzhou Piano Association, jazz pianist Jianyi Huang and Doctor Boris. She has received the Grade 8 Piano Examination Certificate from the Central Conservatory of Music, as well as the Grade 8 Vocal Examination Certificate from the Central Conservatory of Music.

During her undergraduate studies, she founded a piano club at her school and organised annual piano concerts until she graduated. She is still learning to compose pop music by using the music engineering software Logic Pro.

Tina is currently studying the Graduate Certificate in Music Studies at Griffith University with plans to apply for the Masters of Music once completed.

Tina has an undergraduate degree in preschool education from China and a master's degree in education from QUT. She has over 5 years experience teaching piano, and is also an experienced piano accompanist.

Tina offers piano and voice lessons at Brookfield Music.