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We first met Layla about 14 years ago, long before having children of our own. Layla used to have students to her home, which was next door to us, for lessons. We witnessed the wonderful rapport Layla had with her students (and the beautiful music floating out the windows!) and knew that one day, if we were blessed with children, we wanted Layla to teach them music! And here we are, blessed with children who are in turn blessed to have Layla as their music teacher. Layla creates a joyous and inspirational environment in which little music lovers flourish.

Danielle and Tony Barnes

Layla has a magic way with children and her lessons are delightful. Our sensitive little boy was nervous going into his first piano lesson, but he skipped all the way to his second one!

Mary Anne

Layla has enormous amounts of patience and a beautiful way with children. My daughter has learnt so much so quickly and loves coming to her lessons which says a lot. We really love the concerts!

Deanne (mum to Lily 9 yrs)

I love playing piano with Layla because she's really supportive and a lot of fun.

Imogen, 10yrs

Layla is a awesome music teacher and it's fun learning new songs every week with her!!!

Amaya, piano

Layla makes learning fun, challenges her students and is so calm and patient.


I like doing music lessons with Layla. I just love it SO much!

Vienne 7yrs, guitar

I loveeee playing music with Layla because she's so much fun.

Nadya 10yrs, piano

Layla is happy, joyful, excited, fun and understanding. I have been learning piano with her for five years. I love ticking off songs that I have completed. It makes me feel excited that I can learn new songs


I really love learning flute with Layla because she makes it really fun!

Holly, 11

I love music because Layla makes it fun and because music calms me down before a test.

Isabella, 10

I love learning guitar with Layla because she is so enthusiastic about music. I constantly see myself significantly improving, which gives me pleasure.

Sophie, 15

I love having music lessons with Layla because she is always enthusiastic and makes learning fun with any instrument.

Mika, 8

I love coming to Laya's music lessons. Everything I know about Layla is that she is wonderful.

Hannah, 8

I love learning lessons with Layla because she makes learning music fun and exciting. I look forward to her lessons every week to have a laugh and learn new things.

Sarah, 14

Layla creates a joyful and stress free environment in which children develop a love and appreciation of music. My children absolutely love Layla and their music lessons are the highlight of their week. My eldest son wasn't keen to commence music lessons, but after one lesson with Layla he was completely hooked. She is inspirational!

Tamar, mother of Max and Kurt

I really enjoy music lessons with Layla because I love learning new songs


I love coming to music lessons with Layla so much I don't know what to say!

Kurt, 7

Music is very fun with you and Lou Lou. It is great to play piano and learn it too. I love music so much.


The passion that Layla has for all types of music becomes abundantly clear through the music lessons for Anna. She teaches with enthusiasm and that transcends down to Anna. Anna has only taken piano for a short period and has already learned so much.

Patty Pope

Layla Majewski

A happy student



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