Rhianon music teacher

Flute, piano

Rhiannon holds a Bachelor of Music (Performance) with Honours from The University of Queensland, where she studied flute and piano.

Rhiannon is a highly skilled multi-disciplinarian and her diverse career in the creative industries has seen her work as a teacher, musician, producer, curator, sound and video game designer, composer, and artist. She has spent many years in the festival world, designing and producing major, multi-arts events.

 Through her teaching, Rhiannon aims to inspire students with a deep and lifelong love of music, foundational skills in technique and musicianship, and an appreciation for how the skills you learn through music enhance many other aspects of life. She has taught flute students at all levels: from beginners through to early tertiary (AMusA equivalent).

Rhiannon is a kind and positive teacher who loves to use her knowledge and experience to help students discover their own unique strengths, passions and abilities.