Natasha, teacher at Brookfield Music

Piano, neuro-diverse, voice, composing, accompanist

Natasha has been passionate about piano for over 16 years. After completing her AMEB grade 8, Natasha went on to learn from esteemed artists and teachers before discovering a love for teaching piano and utilising music as therapy. Natasha is currently finishing her Bachelor of Arts, Psychology (Sociology Honours), specialising in autism.

Natasha’s music style derives from the romantic and impressionist eras, emphasising creativity. Natasha loves encouraging her students to explore their own artistic flare and discover new ways of expressing themselves!

The foundation of Natasha’s teaching philosophy is that music has the capacity to benefit all of us in a myriad of ways. Through personal and professional experience, Natasha is passionate about teaching individuals with a range of cognitive, developmental and physical differences.

Natasha intends to become a music therapist and create a lifelong career out of her love for music.