Music for Seniors

Did you play music once upon a time and are now wondering if you can still do it?

Have you always wanted to play music but never had the time?

At Brookfield music we help seniors come back to the love of music.

Learn to play what you love, or get help to restart your musical life.

Brookfield music school would love to help you get back to the joy of creating and playing your own music, be it just one piece or a whole repertoire

Brookfield Music for Seniors lessons

Regain a lost skill

If you learned music once even if it was 60 years ago that skill is still inside your brain waiting to burst out and we'd love to help you

Learn a new instrument

Learning a new instrument is not only great fun but it has been proven to help keep your brain active and functioning well.

Rekindle your love of music

At Brookfield music we want everyone to enjoy learning and playing their own music. 

Learn one piece or many

If you've always wanted to learn to play a particular piece of music we can teach you or if you have a whole repertoire we can do that too.

Seniors music lessons

Why study music?

There are many reasons why you should study music here are just a few.

Music can be:

  • Fun
  • deeply nourishing
  • a creative outlet
  • a way to keep your brain sharp
  • calming
  • something just for yourself
  • mindful, challenging and satisfying

Brookfield Music offers 

A beautiful setting with passionate music teachers and the flexibility to learn just one piece of music or a whole lot more.

You can buy just a few lessons or really indulge and book a term or two.

Purpose built studios

In quiet bushland surroundings you'll be able to learn from the very best and most patient teachers who love what they do.

What do our students say?

Brookfield Music School
it grounds me... 

Music and the Brookfield music room is my away time from the hustle of life – it grounds me and soothes the soul. (Julie W 50s)

Julie W - 50's

Brookfield Music School
Makes me happy...

Music – a collection of maths, structures and physics, expressed as fluid sound…

An escape from…

An escape to…

Exercise for my old brain

Profound relaxation and challenges my old brain

Makes me happy

The old Bloke - keith 67

Brookfield Music School
..takes me to another happy place.

Listening to music, and playing it, takes me to another (happy) place. (Ian 69)

ian - 69

What makes us different?

accessible studios

Fully accessible music studios

Purpose built studios

Purpose Built

Beautiful surroundgs

Beautiful surroundings

Lesson Flexibility
  • Lessons to fit in with your life
  • Weekly, fortnightly and casual
  • We work with your travel plans too
Adult Music Club
  • Outings
  • Music gatherings 4 times a year, you can participate or just cheer on
  • Make new friends
  • Maybe even start your own band
Be Creative 
  • Have your own happy place
  • Learn what you want to play not music you don't
  • Look after your brain

Music is a world of expression where all emotions are valid and important as they are ordered and articulated. Music is life and joy! It is also the most beautiful language to express love. Music has a special place within almost every human soul.

Jasmine 40's

Singing brings me joy, closes my adrenalin loop and reduces my stress. 

Theresa 49

For 70 years my music enjoyment/dislike was shaped by my basic ( happiness, sadness, disgust, fear, surprise, & anger.)

After 4 years of lessons I acknowledge I will never be a musician but I know my enjoyment/dislike has been enhanced and I can't contemplate a life without my fortnightly fix.


Cheers Luigi

Get started now!

There is nothing more beautiful than being able to play and sing with a happy heart.

Frequently asked questions

Do you teach people with dementia?

Absolutely. We  have special packages that are a part of your MyGov Aged Care Plan.

Are you an accessible facility?

Yes we are.

We have disabled car parking and studios 3 and 4 are wheelchair friendly too.

accessible studios

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Brookfield Music

Harmony Farm, 528 Upper Brookfield Road, Upper Brookfield, Queensland, 4069