September 11


How music develops emotional intelligence

By Layla Majewski

September 11, 2023

emotional regulation, music and children

Did you know music helps regulate emotions?

Talking openly about emotions helps your child manage them. Music helps children to be good listeners, emotionally aware and have good skills on how to practice emotional regulation. We practice emotional intelligence and the more we do it the better we get at it.

Children often find music helps calm them when they are upset.

  • Put together a play list on Spotify to listen to.
  • MoodKit: (an app) helps to manage negative feelings, keeps track of mood shifts and promotes mindfulness activities.
  • Play on their instrument, when focused on playing it can be very mindful and get us out of overthinking/heightened emotion.

In our children’s music lessons

  • Our teachers talk about chosen pieces of music and how they make us feel,
  • We identify what musical skills we need to express what the composer is asking for,
  • Your child is invited to compose their own own music to express themselves,
  • Our teachers explore lots of different types of music to play,
  • We help your child work out if they are feeling anxious about a performance or test and teach them skills to work with this and calm anxiety,
  • We provide a safe place. If your child has had a rough day at school they can vent and play music that works for them to feel better.

If you would like to read about the topic of how music can help your child develop their emotional regulation strategies, the University of Queensland put out a good blog on emotional intelligence and teens: How to teach your teenager emotional intelligence.

If you’re considering ways to support your child’s emotional growth, you are invited to explore our music classes for children. These classes offer a structured and enjoyable environment where your child can learn to appreciate music, understand its emotional nuances, and even create their own melodies. Our music teachers are skilled in guiding children through this journey, helping them discover the therapeutic power of music.

Why not start making your heart happy and book some music lessons with us?