December 8


Harmony in Golden Years: Exploring the Incredible Benefits of Learning an Instrument as a Senior with Layla from Brookfield Music

By Layla Majewski

December 8, 2023

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Why Adults Should Learn an Instrument by Layla from Brookfield Music.

Hi, I’m Layla from Brookfield Music.

One of our specialties at Brookfield is teaching music to seniors, and while learning music is something people often associate with younger students, I have seen firsthand the incredible physical, cognitive and social benefits that learning music has for our wonderful senior students. 

Some of the main benefits that learning an instrument has for seniors include:

1. Enhancing cognitive function - Playing a musical instrument requires coordination, concentration, memory, and problem-solving skills, which many of our seniors appreciate as a way to help them stay sharp as they learn a new skill. Music training may also have a protective effect in the face of age-related cognitive changes, making it an excellent way to keep your mind active.

2. Reducing stress and improving emotional well-being - music has the power to evoke emotions and is a form of self-expression, providing a creative outlet for seniors which can help them cope with stress and reduce anxiety.

According to a study published in the Journal of Aging and Health, older adults who engaged in musical activities reported improved emotional well-being and reduced stress levels. At Brookfield Music, we also host regular seniors events as an opportunity for our older students to connect with others through social meetups and performances.

3. Another great benefit that learning an instrument has for seniors has is providing a sense of achievement and purpose in learning a new skill. As music teachers, we love to see the well-deserved pride that our senior students have when learning an instrument, and the boost to their confidence and well-being that follows.

If you have a senior in your life who has played an instrument in the past, or might be interested in trying for the first time, get in touch with us today to talk about our available senior classes.

We promise that the benefits will be worth it, and that the sense of joy sparked by playing music is something that all seniors should experience.

Thank you.

Why not start making your heart happy and book some music lessons with us?