why children should learn music

November 17


From Play to Progress: Why Children Reap a Symphony of Benefits from Learning an Instrument

By Layla Majewski

November 17, 2023

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Why Children Should Learn an Instrument by Layla from Brookfield Music.

Hi, I’m Layla from Brookfield Music, and today I’m going to talk about some of the many benefits children can receive from learning a musical instrument.

Firstly, playing a musical instrument is a great way to help children develop their motor-skills and hand-eye coordination. When learning an instrument, kids have to concentrate on reading music while doing the physical motion of playing, which means the brain has to work quickly in coordination with the hands. In fact, a study by the University of Sydney even found that music education in schools can have a positive impact on children’s academic performance, helping improve their literacy and numeracy skills.

Another benefit of learning an instrument is the social and emotional benefits for children. Music education helps children understand their ability to overcome challenges and progress, improving their self-esteem, confidence and social skills, helping them thrive in other areas of life.

At Brookfield Music, we pride ourselves on having a tight-knit community and hosting regular children’s events, which gives our kids the opportunity to make new friends and practice their social skills.

Lastly, playing music is a fun and rewarding activity that can provide a lifelong hobby
and passion. Many of our children have been with us for years, and have fallen in love with their instrument of choice.

Our teachers are passionate about sharing the joy of music with children, and helping kids access the many benefits that learning an instrument can offer. If you are interested in getting your child started on their musical journey, send a message to Brookfield Music today to get started.

Why not start making your heart happy and book some music lessons with us?