Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for my lessons?

Payment is up front for each term of 10 lessons. Lessons are invoiced at the beginning or the term.

Weekly direct debit is available at no extra cost. Lessons are paid once a week in advance.

If you are an adult, you are welcome to book in groups of 5 lessons weekly or fortnightly.

What if i miss or cant make a lesson?

If you are unwell or unable to make your lesson time don’t worry.

Just register your missed lesson through student portal or contact the office. With 24 hours notice you have unlimited make ups to be taken each term.

Children may book into any one hour group theory class run regularly.

Adults may arrange an alternative time with their teacher.

We always pay our teachers for their time. If your teacher reschedules or your lesson lands on a public holiday you get an individual make up lesson. (Make up lessons do not carry over to the next term.)

I left my instrument at school or I hurt myself and can’t play?

Still come to your lesson our teachers always have fun theory, note reading, history, aural games to teach.

How much practice should I be doing?

It's up to you! the more you practice the more enjoyment you have and the more progress you make. We work with each student to develop good practice routines. Younger children can have a cartoon practice cart and get a prize when they get to the end (extrinsic motivation). We develop skills how to practice and what works for each individual and develop intrinsic motivation to practice. Practising because you want to.

I'm an adult, Can you teach me?

Half our students are adults. We have a very strong adult program. We love teaching adults. We also respect you learning music when you are already a professional in other areas. All our teachers have professional development in effective and fun ways to teacher adults. Make lifelong friends, have a laugh with others, and surprise yourself. Use to learn worried it won’t come back? It will! Have always wanted to learn? It’s never too late. Also, before your ask, no, it’s won’t take 10 years before you sound any good. It is much much quicker. Adults learn in a different way from children. The world now has a great selection of music books that suit you. All styles. Pick exactly what YOU like.

Do I need an instrument?

Yes. We recommend that every student has their own instrument so that they can play at home.

See our instrument page that addresses specifics.

Do you have concerts?

We have concerts and parties. Adults meet every term to perform or be an audience member. We share music, food and wine.

Children have several performance opportunities every year – formal concerts with parents, icypole and winter woolie practice parties dress up kids only. They are super fun.

Do you cater for home schoolers?

We have several registered school trained teachers who can write programmes to suit each student. Lessons are super fun and hands on.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes. Just contact our office. They make a lovely gift.

Gift certificates are paid for upfront. You can pick how many lessons your would like to purchase and what length. The gift card holder may just contact the office to book in a time to get started after they have chosen which instrument they would like to learn.

Can I learn with a friend?

Yes. We can program group lessons and the fee is less per child in the class.

Children often learn very well in social situations. They also learn from teacher each other and helping each other practice at play overs.

Do you offer lessons in the school holidays?

If you would like to have lessons during the schools holidays you just book them in through your student portal. If your teacher has chosen to teach during the holidays they will let you know.

Make your heart happy and book some music lessons.