Master the flute with engaging, practical flute lessons for all ages.

At Brookfield Music, our flute program caters for students of all ages and ability levels, from beginner to advanced.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or experienced flautist, Brookfield Music is the perfect place to take your flute skills to the next level in Brisbane.

Our passionate flute teachers cater their lesson plans towards your specific goals, starting with the basics and building on those skills to help you become proficient in the flute. We focus on areas such as helping you master tone, technique and mental focus to support your flute playing.

We are driven by our passion for music and our belief that flute should be a joy to learn, and all of our teachers strive to make each lesson engaging and enjoyable.

Why Choose Brookfield Music?

Learn the music you want to play

Our teachers cover a wide range of genres and techniques, and we cater the songs you learn to your musical taste, ensuring that your guitar practice remains engaging and that you're learning to play the music you love.  

Scenic, relaxing environment

 Nestled away in Upper Brookfield, our custom-built music studios are a relaxing and stress-free environment to learn in. Many of our students enjoy the chance to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life while learning guitar surrounded by nature.

Catering for all ages and abilities

We are an inclusive, welcoming community, and have teachers who specialise in working with neurodiverse and special needs students of all ages. For seniors in Brisbane who are interested in learning an instrument, the flute is also a great way to keep your brain active and enhance your motor coordination.


Fully accessible music studios


Purpose Built


Beautiful surroundings

You know it’s good when the biggest problem you have is getting your child to stop practicing.

the learning is just so much fun...

Leah Jackson

We firstly chose Layla at Brookfield Music some years ago for our daughter to learn the flute from as she came highly recommended by another music teacher.

Layla is always extremely friendly, professional and organised in her approach and delivers an exceptional high quality in all the services she offers.

She goes above and beyond expectations with teaching offering many time options and make up lessons, in person or via Zoom...

Natalie and Family

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