Start their music journey right 

Our programs are designed to teach your child the foundations of music while being fun and interactive in a nurturing environment.

We make learning fun

Children learn through music making, laughter and playing games. We teach children to develop their intrinsic motivation and self confidence. We encourage students to practice without parents needing to remind them.

Program Structure

Lessons are designed for each individual to build on the skills and abilities you may already have, and to fill in some gaps where necessary.

Brookfield Music Parties

We have parties every term that are just for children. If you are looking for delightful music lessons for your children or teens, look no further.

We use our experience to create yours

Our teachers are all unique in both their approach to music and their history. This enables us to provide an exceptional learning environment for your child. Coupled with our philosophy of learning in a fun and playful environment, makes for not only a comfortable learning atmosphere, but a relaxed child.

Discover how we can help you find the music inside of them.

For children, lessons are fun and practical.

Together as student and teacher we choose music that's a joy to play. 

We play many games to help students learn.

There's a focus on building intrinsic motivation (practising music because they want to not, because they have to) and building resilience.


We cater to children and teenagers.

Learning an instrument as a teen helps regulate emotions, create a sense of self identity, creates social connection and boosts self esteem. 

Teens can create their own Spotify playlists and get help with high school music assignments.

Also it's super fun to make music!


Why should your child study  music?

Music is an academic subject with it's one special body of knowledge and skills and unique ways of knowing and thinking.

Musical intelligence is one of several different intelligences that need to be developed and nurtured.

Music connects us to our history, heritage and traditions, and helps us develop a unique opportunity for creativity and expression.

Music study enhances self esteem, builds self confidence and encourages respect for others.

Music enables us to develop skills needed by the 21st century workforce such as:

  • Abstract thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Self discipline
  • Teamwork
  • Confidence 
  • Creativity and the ability to think outside the box

Most of all It's Fun


Check what our clients say about us

...Layla quickly builds a great rapport with children through her enthusiasm and tailored pedagogy. With joy of music at the heart of lessons, Layla’s approach enables her students to progress quickly and happily in their piano learning... Five stars

Johanna Searles


The care, positive energy and love of music has ensured the kids have stuck with their instruments, their practice and continue to love music. The focus on theory alike and technique has been unlike any other school.

Angie Roberts


A very positive, inclusive and encouraging learning environment that never fails to bring out the best in the students.

Tamar McCullogh

Mother of two boys at the school

Is your child struggling to practice? Download our quick guide:

How to have fun and save fights over practice.

Make your heart happy and book some music lessons.

Brookfield Music

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