Discover the 

“Music in your soul”

At Brookfield Music we believe it's never too late to learn how to play music. Our programs are designed to bring you joy whilst you learn to create your own music.

Being an adult is an advantage

You know how you learn and what gives you joy when playing music. We simply build on what you already have and teach you how to become a lifelong learner.

All of the teachers at Brookfield Music have patience and a passion for music that's infectious.

Program Structure

Lessons are designed for each individual to build on the skills and abilities you may already have and to fill in some gaps where necessary.

Brookfield Music Club

Our adult music club meets once a term for a sharing music.

We also arrange group visits to concerts and other outings. 


Does everyone have the ability to learn music?

Yes, it's true.

We are born with musical ability,

but you have to nurture it.

Being 'unmusical' is more likely to be an outcome of poor training or lack of opportunity than it is from lack of ability, all of us have the chance to improve our musical ability with the right teacher and endeavour.

For adults, it's never too late. It helps keep your brain active and your motor coordination going. 

As we get older we find ourselves doing a small set of things which we are good at and are less inclined to learn new things, we then start to lose our skills.

Discover how we can help you find the music inside of you.

Learning music enhances your self esteem and boosts your self confidence. Why not do something you've always dreamed of.


Check what our students say about us

I love that Layla knows how to have fun and how to make our lessons fun and to make me feel that I’m making progress. I love that Layla is excited each time I take a step forward. It makes me feel that my progress matters to her.

Judith Pembleton

adult student

I have been attending Brookfield music for the last 4 years and with Layla's ongoing patience and encouragement have made such improvements in my playing and music knowledge. I couldn't imagine not having my music lesson each week...keeps me grounded ! I am sure however Layla would appreciate me practicing far more scales and arpeggios XXXX

Julie W

adult student

5 stars - It has been wonderful for Tony and I to be able to attend lessons together with Layla. It is great to be able to enjoy the experience of learning music. We always feel encouraged and never pressured to push our boundaries concerning our music. We have felt more confident after each lesson.

Peta Phillips

Husband and wife learning voice and guitar

Make your heart happy and book some music lessons.