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The Principal — Layla Majewski

Layla has had her own music school, Brookfield Music, since 1996. She also currently works as a music therapist at Berlasco Court and runs a dementia choir. Layla says, “I always knew I wanted to be a music teacher and I think I have the best job in the world.”

The School — Brookfield Music

Brookfield Music is a family friendly school. Lessons are offered for children after school and during the day for adults. The school is convenient for students living in Upper Brookfield, Brookfield, Kenmore Hills, Kenmore, Chapel Hill, Pullenvale and surrounding areas.

Brookfield Music is a high quality music school in the west of Brisbane catering to both children and adults, providing training in woodwind, piano, guitar and voice. Staff have regular professional development.

Lessons are fun and practical. Together as student and teacher we choose music that is a joy to play. We play many games to help students learn. There is a focus on building intrinsic motivation (practising music because they want to not have to) and building resilience.

The school is situated in Upper Brookfield, just five minutes from the Brookfield Showgrounds. Directions and contact information can be found on the contact page.

Terms and Conditions

Students log on and register for a cancellation. Must have 24 hours notice to qualify for an alternate lesson time or the lesson fee is forfeited.

For adults, you may just rearrange your lesson time with your teacher.

For children, the student may attend a one-hour music games class (theory/aural and ensemble). These classes run every week, just nominate which one you would like to attend.

If you choose to send someone in place of the original student that is ok.

If your lesson falls on a public holiday, we will arrange a mutually convenient makeup lesson. If a teacher is away, we will offer you a supply teacher. If a supply teacher is not available, we will offer a makeup lesson.

Layla Majewski

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